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Canyoning, climbing and adventure course in the Gorges du Verdon

Passion-Canyon, canyoning and climbing in the Verdon Gorge

Passion-Canyon is a freelance organisation of outdoor sports, approved by « Jeunesse et sport » and located in the Provencal village of Palud-sur-Verdon, in the heart of the Verdon gorges.

We offer outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, canyoning, and via ferrata (via cordata) in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes and Bouches-du-Rhone.

As a family, a group or on your own, our skilled and motivated team will take you on a fun-filled adventure through stunning Verdon landscapes. 

Join us for a breath-taking experience, and fill up your head with unforgettable memories ! Learn more about the nature and biotope of the Verdon Gorges.

Our guides are qualified (Diplôme d’état d’éducateur sportif du 1er degré avec option escalade ou canyoning - BEES 1°). They all have vast canyoning and rock-climbing experience, as well as being great people who enjoy sharing our spectacular environment.

If you would like to find out more about us, please consult the tabs on top of this page to find more details about the range of activities we provide and the rates. 

You will find descriptions of the following canyons : La Ferné and the Mainmorte ravine near La Palud-sur-Verdon, the Riou waterfall and the Val d'Angouïre ravine in Moutier-Sainte-Marie, the Lance rapids in Colmars -les-Alpes, the Saint-Auban canyon in the Alpes-Maritimes, the haut and bas Jabron canyon in the Alpes-de-Haute-provence, the Baudan-Baou canyon, the Riolan canyon, the Aiglun canyon in the Alpes-Maritimes and many other tours!

For each canyoning tour, you will find the difficulty level, the duration, what to bring and all the information you need to know for a great experience !

You will also find a presentation of several other activities we offer such as rock-climbing in different locations (the Verdon gorges, the Calanques or on Annot sandstone), multi pitch initiation, and trad-climbing advanced course.

We offer « via cordata » circuits in the gorges all year round.

To book your activity or to get more information, contact us by email via our website or by phone at +33 (0)6 16 26 56 34.

If you reach our voicemail, please LEAVE US A MESSAGE with your contact information! We will call you back as soon as possible.

Who am i ?

I’m Frederic Baille, born August 15, 1975 in Marseille, where I first started to rock-climb in « les calanques », a huge climbing area where I could satisfy my thirst of adventure on its challenging white limestone with my rope companions (Jean-Michel, Cyril, Guillaume and many others ...)...

I passed my « Climbing State Certificate » in 2001 at CREPS in Aix en Provence. Step by step, I discovered the Verdon, where I fell in love with the flora and fauna --- wild and diverse --- but also with the strong-minded locals.

Subsequently, I developed my company Passion-Canyon, offering rock-climbing, canyoning and via cordata tours in the largest canyon in Europe. Is not the Verdon the ideal playground for those activities ?

It’s an atypical rock-climbing crag, where you abseil (rappel down) first before climbing cliffs over 300 meters high, on a limestone of exceptional quality, with an exposure that allures even the most daring climbers !

 The huge variety of routes allows everyone to perform in their grade. And after a full day of multi-pitch climbing, we like to share a drink at the « Lou cafetie », sharing our adventures with stars in our eyes.

 Of course the Verdon region is not only about rock-climbing, and offers several other outdoor activities. It’s also a great place to revitalize yourself, to slow down in nature  far from the consumer society.

Our canyoning activities

Canyoning in the Haut Verdon

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Canyon of La Lance - Whole day

A challenging canyon, in a strong mountain torrent. Get ready to be wet! It is the ideal canyon for white water lovers with its long swims ...

Canyoning - Canyon of La Lance - Half day

Canyon of La Lance - Half day

We select the second part of the canyon to offer you a unique experience in a wild environment. Very vertical and aquatic, we will jump an ...

Canyoning around Castellane

Canyoning - Canyon of Haut-Jabron

Canyon of Haut-Jabron

Lovely canyon. Both playful and aquatic, it’s the ideal activity for families. Perfect for a first canyoning experience ! It has everythin ...

Canyoning - Canyon of Bas-Jabron

Canyon of Bas-Jabron

An immersion in a world of water and rock. Accessible to families this canyon is one of the most beautiful of the area. This canyon has ev ...

Canyoning - Canyon of Saint Auban

Canyon of Saint Auban

This half-day trip is a step up in adrenaline and natural beauty! If you have been canyoning before, or you're super confident and looking ...

Canyoning - Canyon of Riolan

Canyon of Riolan

Probably one of the most beautiful canyon of Europe. Spectacular and magical… Due to its lenght and aquatic nature, this canyon requires t ...

Canyoning - Clue d'Aiglun

Clue d'Aiglun

Do you fancy an excursion in one of the most aquatic canyons of the Alpes Maritimes? We bring you to the Canyon d'Aiglun, a must-do in the re ...

Canyoning in the Verdon gorges

Canyoning - Canyon of Baudan-Baou

Canyon of Baudan-Baou

Beautiful canyon in the heart of the Verdon Gorges. This tour is split in two parts. Following a 10 minutes walk downhill, we will find th ...

Canyoning - Canyon of Mainmorte

Canyon of Mainmorte

Located in the heart of the Verdon gorges, this dry canyon is certainly one of the most beautiful. The starting point is not far from La P ...

Canyoning - Canyon of Ferné

Canyon of Ferné

A vertical canyon, made for adventurers ! A direct access to the Verdon Gorges. Vertical, this canyon is composed by more than 7 abseils, ...

Canyoning - Val d'Angouire

Val d'Angouire

Despite its name (The Valley of Anguish), Val d'Angouire is a spectacular canyon. It’s one of the most beautiful canyons around, located a ...

Canyoning - Riou of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Riou of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

The Riou has a vertical nature, and is one of the most beautiful canyons of the Verdon gorges. We will start the tour with a one hour asce ...

Canyoning - Canyon of La Balène

Canyon of La Balène

Beautiful aquatic canyon in the small limestone gorges of La Balène. It offers many jumps and is a good introduction to the rappel techniq ...

Our adventure course

Adventure course in the Verdon gorges

Adventure course - Ravin de mainmorte + escape

Ravin de mainmorte + escape

The Mainmorte loophole. Come with us to experience the Verdon gorge in a different way! The Mainmorte canyon is nestled in a spot near the ...

Adventure course - Le trou du Renard

Le trou du Renard

Adventure tour « le trou du renard » or « the fox hole » It's an aerial excursion in the heart of the gorge, not far from the « Chalet de ...

Adventure course - Traversée des Cataractes

Traversée des Cataractes

Undoubtedly the most breathtaking  and run-out via cordata in the Gorge. You should not suffer from vertigo there! For a specialized audie ...

Our aquatic hike

Aquatic hike in the Verdon gorges

Aquatic hike - Pont du Tusset

Pont du Tusset

Initiation tour for kids and families. We offer you a half-day family excursion in Gorges du Verdon. Follow the guide and trace the river ...

Aquatic hike - Couloir Samson

Couloir Samson

Follow us on a half day outing in the family friendly Couloir Samson. You will explore the breathtaking largest canyon of the Verdon river ...

Aquatic hike - L'imbut


With this one, you’ll be amazed !! Experience an incredible aquatic hiking day trip in the Grand Canyon du Verdon surrounded by breathtaking ...

Aquatic hike - Cabrielle


Gabrielle canyon has a vertical feature, looking like its brother the Ferné canyon. With this aqua-hiking, get ready to get off the beaten ...

Map of our activities in the Verdon Gorge

Canyoning marker Canyoning
Rock climbing marker Rock climbing
Adventure course marker Adventure course
Aquatic hike marker Aquatic hike

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The Verdon

Sraight out of a fairy tale, this river has become a famous location of outstanding natural beauty. The Verdon river leaves a significant footprint on the geological formation of our region.

Great rapids have shaped and created the landscapes of the canyon with one of the most mystical elements : WATER.

Step by step, this giant green snake carved the landscape, making the Verdon gorges a very special place, where the nature is powerful and laden with history. For instance, the story of the Blanc-Martel trail is a must see !

In 1905, an interesting character named Edouard Alfred Martel appears in the area with his team. He’s a surveyor missionned to study the geology of the Verdon. An expedition sets out with people from La Palud sur Verdon and Rougon (among them , the teacher Isidore Blanc).

Risking their lives in the white waters, they descend the river on three makeshifts boat, unaware that they would deeply mark the history of Verdon. They return from the expedition with a detailed topography of the canyon.

In 1928, the Touring Club de France pays tribute to this amazing adventure and names the first hiking trail in the Verdon Gorge the "Martel Track", which is later called "the Blanc-Martel ".

The beginning of the 20th century is also marked by the development of a new resource : electricity.

The development of electricity will bring wealth to the region. The five dams built along the Verdon will provide water to irrigate new cultivable lands, allowing farmers to settle in the area.

The lakes created by the dams permitted the development of tourism. The Verdon area is fascinating from a geological point of view, but also historically and culturally. The beautiful villages such as La Palud sur Verdon, Moustiers Sainte Marie, Aiguines, Castellane, Colmars les Alpes, Annot and many others make up the identity of the place, between the Provence and the Alpes.