Via ferrata

Via ferrata a puget-theniers.

They come from Italy (via ferrata is Italian for iron road). Their origins are military.

Today via ferrata's equipment has developed, and they became a new way to get height, and admire marvelous landscapes.

Via ferrata consists in mountain's route, equipped with ladders, and a fixed cable (call "life line" in french) to secure yourself, allowing a climbing similar to big walls, and though, technically much more accessible.

To tackle a via ferrata, you usually need a helmet, a harness and a system to absorb shocks (a special via ferrata tether). And what to do with all of it when you don't know how it works?!. That's why it is interesting to start via ferrata with a professional, who will give you all the information needed, and advices, to share its passion in safety.

Via ferrata are really differents from one to another, some of them are equipped with bridges, rope bridges, and even ziplines.


Via ferrata (3/4 Day) : ....................... 45€/pers

Via ferrata - Dignes-les-Bains.

Les Demoiselles de Castagnet, via-ferrata - Puget Théniers.

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