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Climbing, rock-climbing, alpinism, cliffs, boulders, big walls; a lot of terms which aren't all clear, and we can help you understand all of them, let's start by a small definition :

"Climbing is an art, which consist in moving on a vertical support, using exclusively its body ."

Technique, balance, coordination, thinking, strength are all assets which allow to practice this art with grace, with a permanent seek for lightness. Climbers are like cats !!

That said, there are multiple ways to practice climbing, and each one adapts it to its feelings.

Annot, Gorges du Verdon. Climbers above all, we propose you different ways to adress climbing, from initiation session, to full day improvement .

    Short an intense climb, which doesn't require any ropes because you won't climb high, but for which we install crash pads at the boulder bottom to absorb any fall ...
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    Rock-climbing, one route.
    Rock-climbing consist in climbing small routes, from 10 to 40 meters high, with specific equipment. There is a climber and a belayer ...
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    Climbing several routes'cliff, big wall.
    There you are, hanging on the middle of the cliff, belaying your partner, and, with a quick look between your legs, watching the vultures flying beneath you ! As an enchantress filling up your dreams, Nature offers such a ...
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