Others canyon courses


Others canyon can be done, more sportives, asking more investment.

Canyon de Maglia....................70€/pers

A high level canyon, in all possible ways: the wild and isolated settings of the Maglia Valley, a sportive course, physical and "aerial", of an almost arrogant beauty, but asking rigor and focus.

Located in the Alpes Maritimes, in the "Merveilles Valley", this all-day course is only for people used to all-day canyon.


During spring, we can do others canyon courses.

Canyons de Val d'Anguire et de Riou

These two courses are close. Both located at Moustiers Ste Marie, in the Alpes de Hte Provence.

A strong vertical atmosphere for the Riou canyon, and a beauty that leaves you pensive, plus the "pear" passage for the Val d'Anguire canyon, will make you forget the one hour walk in the morning to get to the start of the canyon.

Count 4 to 5 hours activity for the "Riou", and 5 to 6 for the "Val d'Anguire". Meeting point in front of the "country house" of Moustiers.

Val d'Anguire......65€/pers

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