Rock climbing one route, in Annot's
area and other places...

To climb small routes, from 10 to 40 meters high, you'll need with specific safety equipment, and someone to belay you.

Escalade initiation.
Constituing a "roped party" with the climber, the belayer stays on the ground, and stops the eventual climber's fall with the help of all the safety equipment (rope, crab, pitons, etc ...)

This kind of climb, as all others, requires few climbing techniques, but overall requires good knowledge for both the climber and belayer regarding the equipment needed and the right way to use it.

Rock-climbing enables the development of quality such as technique, strength, coordination, endurance towards effort, and also makes you become more familiar with hights and rope techniques, so that you can, later, try to climb big wall of few hundred meters high.

On the really nice spot of Annot's cliff, you'll learn the climbing's rudiments, i.e. to rope up, climb, belay your partner, or also to perfect the knowledge you already have. You'll discover a fulfilling activity, in a stunning setting.


Rock-climbing session (Half-day) : .......... 35€/pers

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