Canyoning dans les gorges de Riolan

Canyoning , Courses that matches your level


What ever are your expectations or your level, we will bring you to the most beautifull canyon in South of France, through gorgeous narrow lanes built in the stone by the water, almost inaccessible if it wasn't with the help of canyons roping techniques.

Canyoning consists in moving forward through the water of a river which shaped its course with a peculiar beauty, melting colors, lines, and offering a multitude of differents obstacle that we will pass over, either by jumping, sliding, walking, swimming, or even by using specific roping techniques (abseiling, tyrolean traverse ropes).

In this part of France, Nature offers canyoning courses highly diversified, by their length and approach, by their nature aquatic or vertical, their difficulty, high standards and by the commitment their require.

In this broad choice of courses that offers the PACA region, Passion-Canyon will help you find the one, depending on your desire, expectations and physical condition, that is a match for you.

Canyoning clue de riolan

Half day initiation canyon:

Half day discovery canyon:


Passion-Canyon offers you its professional skill as well as the necessary specific equipment for outdoor activities, such as clean and isotherm neopren wetsuit and socks, helmet, harness (conform to European regulation), so that you can enjoy your outdoor activity with the maximum safety and comfort.

Regarding your abilities, you must be able to swim and be at ease in the water. You must warn us if you have healthy particular condition, such as heart problems, asthma, articular, bones or tendinous weakness, or after-effect from recent or old accident. You need to bring closed sports shoes so that your feet are well maintained.

Remember that canyoning is an outdoor activity, where a multitude of elements are brought into play, and for which all risks can't be controlled by man only, which means there is no such thing as zero risk ! So, is it necessary to remind that it is highly recommended to practice canyoning with a talented professional guide, preferably from the area, who will optimize your safety and keep you in good physical and mental health .

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