Bouldering , Gesture Spirituality

Short an intense climb, which doesn't require any ropes because you won't climb high, but for which we instal crash pads at the boulder bottom to absorb any fall. Bouldering consists in, most of the time, complicated problems, that you need to work on before you can succeed, where you need to optimize each movement, each balance, that requires thinking to elaborate THE beta that will allow you to sort the problem.


Very playful and convivial, bouldering is often called "gesture laboratory". Bouldering will help you develop various assets such as:

- Technique,
- Strength,
- Coordination,
- Intellect,
- Tenacity
- and Good mood !


Initiate yourself to bouldering or improve your technique on the outstanding spot of Annot. You'll discover an exceptional quality of sandstone, the pleasure of climbing without any restrain, the subtlety of balance, under the helpful advices of your guide, passionate with bouldering.

Bouldering session (half-day): .......... 30€/pers

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